eco timberframe

Introducing ecotf

ecotf is a range of bespoke, high performance flexible panel solutions.

ecotf flexible wall and roof panel solution is an innovative, bespoke approach to construction projects of any size and type in housing association, commercial, private housing, and self-build sectors. It is tailored to the projects specific needs and requirements.

The uniqueness of ecotf however is its ability to meet the challenges, targets and budgets of any project type and work within those parameters to deliver bespoke sustainable panel solutions which improve speed of build, reduces cost, improves efficiency whilst delivering the Deeside Timberframe guarantee of building in quality.

The Challenge.
The Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes and an increasingly environmentally conscious public is driving the construction industry to deliver environmentally friendly and affordable housing solutions to limit the effects on climate change. With its Fabric First approach Deeside is ideally placed to meet current and future regulations with ready made solutions available.

With a greater demand for homes that reduce energy and running costs, whilst providing healthy living environments, there is a growing demand for builders to demonstrate their creativity and ability to provide innovative and sustainable homes for home providers and buyers.

ecotf development

Deeside’s innovative ecotf scheme and ongoing commitment to research and development has ensured that our timber frame solutions comply with code type legislation.

One size doesn’t fit all
A growing interest in energy efficient wall panel systems, in particular closed wall and roof panel has prompted Deeside Timberframe to meet this need with the launch of their bespoke ecotf wall and roof panel system. The Company is taking a consultative approach to this construction method by working with clients to understand exactly what they hope for in energy performance then offering a value added alternative to the current ‘off the shelf’ standard closed panel product.